ABS Census Bot Fuels Fire of #censusfail Storm

Ideas have their moment in time, before which they fall to the floor unheard, but when the moment comes they resonate and engulf the unwary. Privacy has found its moment on the eve of the Australian Census 2016. It's a firestorm and the use of a Twitter bot has helped fuel the flames of discontent.

The fundamental enabler of a customer-first digital transformation

The most fundamental requirement in moving towards customer-centricity in digital is to be able to collate and compare data in order to improve decision-making and investments. There are a large number of moving parts and marketing groups are becoming overwhelmed with the tasks of integrating and matching the multiple sources and drawing optimal conclusions for further action.
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Social Media Risks

KINSHIP digital's clients first and foremost concerned with increasing the security of social media workflows and minimising social media risk.