How LinkedIn Pages Helps Solve Your Content Problem

“I’m not sure if we’ll be able to generate enough content”. This is is the roadblock we hear most often from companies wanting to engage more in social media. If you have not caught up with the new Linkedin Pages, then you should – it can help solve this problem.

LinkedIn Pages now helps you find relevant content

As the admin of your Linkedin Company Page, you should be very excited. In the recent revamp of Company Pages – now called Linkedin Pages (Facebook rules) – you have the ability to search for content to share.
Linkedin Pages Content Suggestions
Not just any old content but the best-targeted content. If success is the ability to understand your audience then LinkedIn Pages is giving you an amazing platform to spring forward and upward. According to LinkedIn’s data, its member base of 590 million generates more than two million pieces of content in the platform feed per day.

Just like using a micro-Buzzsumo, you now have the ability to filter and identify the best performing content among the people that you want to reach in LinkedIn. That has to be exciting, right!

How to target the best content for your audience

With the new content suggestion tool, Page Admins can surface content by first choosing a topic and then filtering selections by location, job function, or seniority level.

LinkedIn Pages Content Suggestions

You can then examine the engagement rate for each piece of content surfaced by your filters. The engagement rate is the number of unique engagements divided by the unique impressions for the selected audience (an engagement is a like, comment, share, click or follow).

You can expect to see engagement rates of 50% and above if you are targetting your audience well. The item below has an engagement rate of 60%.

Linkedin Pages Content Suggestions Results

When you see that kind of engagement rate among your audience you should be excited. Never-the-less, rather than just jumping and sharing the article, do take the time to read it. You never know what might be the reason for its popularity and you don’t want a surprise after you publish it and start getting unexpected comments.

So use the tool wisely and stay on brand!

When you do post LinkedIn now also gives you the option of sharing a hashtag. As a tactic, you should mostly add the same or a selection of the three hashtags that LinkedIn Pages allows you to add to your Page (under Community). This will boost your share of voice within those hashtags.

Linkedin Pages Content Suggestions

One last thing – another new LinkedIn Pages bonus

Here is great news for admins wanting to know when their company is mentioned in someone else’s post. This solves the problem of knowing quickly when your company has been mentioned and jumping in to share that post further – amplifying the social proof.

We all know employees are often reluctant to share much company content – for a whole host of reasons.

With the new updates to LinkedIn Pages, admins will now receive a notification every time their company is tagged in a post. Then, these posts can not only be easily be shared to your own LinkedIn Page, but also quickly suggested to your employees as “someone else talking about our company”.

Employees may be more motivated to share someone else’s good opinion about your company than they are willing to share a stream of PR or marketing from within. Give it a try.

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—– Walter Adamson
LinkedIn /adamson

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