Sprinklr Training – How to use Themes to filter Listening Dashboards

KINSHIP digital are proud partners with Sprinklr which offers a unified Social Experience platform. We are showcasing different areas of the platform for both current users and those researching tools to further your Social Media capabilities.

A Listening Theme is a set of custom filters and keywords that can be used to sort Listening Insights data across a pre-built area of focus. Think of a Theme as a lens through which facets of already-configured topics can be viewed.

In this video we will show you how to use Themes to filter Listening Topics in Sprinklr:

  • How to find Themes and apply filters within a Listening Dashboard;
  • How to use Themes to filter a specific widget on a Listening Dashboards;
  • How to set up Themes with the precise filters required.

Themes can be created manually or saved from an existing widget and can contain additional, one-off keywords or combinations of filters to help visualise data without changing what a Topic itself pulls into the Sprinklr platform. Themes are ideal for repeated use and to quickly surface data.

You can share Themes between many different Listening Topics – for example, assessing mentions from specific profile lists (audience)across a collection of Topics.

In related posts, you will find we will illustrate other features of Sprinklr Listening

If you would like to know more about the benefits of Sprinklr or have any questions on Sprinklr Listening please Contact Us on 1300 546 744.


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