Sprinklr Training – How to use Keyword Lists to Build Listening Topics

KINSHIP digital are proud partners with Sprinklr which offers a unified Social Experience platform. We are showcasing different areas of the platform for both current users and those researching tools to further your Social Media capabilities.

In this video we will show you how to use Keyword Lists to build listening topics in Sprinklr:

  • Make a Keyword List with appropriate keywords (using the keyword rules about exact, proximate etc.)
  • Create a Topic Group and then a Topic;
  • In the search terms for the Topic, select the Keyword List or multiple Keyword Lists.

A key advantge of using Keyword Lists is that when you need to amend your Listening to include new keywords, you simply need to add them to the appropriate Keyword List. This is simpler than navigating the whole search query as set up in the Topic itself.

You can also share Keyword Lists between many different Listening Topics – for example variations of a brand name which you might use in several different Topics.

In two future posts we will illustrate other features of Sprinklr Listening

If you would like to know more about the benefits of Sprinklr or have any questions on Sprinklr Listening please Contact Us on1300 546 744.


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