Sprinklr Training – How to use Status Tags to Create Simple Workflows in Engagement Dashboards

KINSHIP digital are proud partners with Sprinklr which offers a unified Social Experience platform. We are showcasing different areas of the platform for both current users and those researching tools to further your Social Media capabilities.

The ability to create and use status tags on inbound messages in Sprinklr engagement dashboards has several typical use cases:

  • To allow messages to be assigned to different columns, representing different workflow actions e.g. “No Response Required” ;
  • To enable automatic allocation to other columns immediately on reassigning the status value;
  • Enabling status values e.g. “Follow Up” to be further filtered into specific engagement columns e.g. by topic, or keyword, or sender characteristics.

Status Tags are an important basic feature of effective Sprinklr engagement, something which makes triaging incoming messages effective and efficient. The best use of status tags and their associated use cases is to explore the types of classifications needed and the workflows as part of the “discovery phase” of implementation.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of Sprinklr or have any questions on Sprinklr Listening please Contact Us on 1300 KINSHIP.


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