Sprinklr Training – How To Duplicate A Report

KINSHIP digital are proud partners with Sprinklr which offers a unified Social Experience platform. We are showcasing different areas of the platform for both current users and those researching tools to further your Social Media capabilities.

The ability to duplicate an existing report has several typical use cases:

  • After building a report, with the required widgets, you wish to use this as a standard template;
  • Where you wish to share a report with others in your company to use for their account groups and social channels;
  • Where you have multiple workspaces and wish to share reports across workspaces.

However the most fundamental reason is that the in-built stand reports which are part of Sprinklr “out of the box” are standard examples which not editable. These standard reports form the basis of customised reports by the process of copying them, and then adding to the copied reports with tailored widgets specific to the desired reporting requirements.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of Sprinklr or have any questions on Sprinklr Listening please Contact Us on 1300 546 744.


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