How To Get Social Insights Across The Enterprise

Right now the biggest demand from executives responsible for customer insights is how to collect social data and embed that social data in decision making across the enterprise.

  1. How do we enhance customer support with social insights embedded into customer data?
  2. How do we design and implement better customer experiences using embedded customer social insights?
  3. How do we design and execute more effective marketing based on social data analysis and trends?

We know from talking with our customer that users across the enterprise want better social insights in order to help them be more effective in their work.

To do this requires an enterprise-grade social platform as the foundational social technology within the wider-enterprise technology ecosystem.

Sprinklr is one of the few companies that can provide this capability. That’s why Forrester named Sprinklr a Leader in Social Listening in Q3, 2018. Sprinklr has also been named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Social Media Management Solutions, Q2 2017, The Forrester Wave™: Content Marketing Platforms, Q2 2017, and The Forrester Wave™: Social Advertising Technology, Q3 2017.

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KINSHIP digital has been a leading partner of Sprinklr since 2015. Contact us if you would like to learn more about how to understand, and ultimately engage with your customers, as real human beings.

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