Filtering a Universal Inbox in Sprinklr

KINSHIP digital are proud partners with Sprinklr which offer a unified Social Experience platform. We are showcasing different areas of the platform for both current users and those researching tools to further your Social Media strategy.

This video demonstrates how to pull specific data from a Universal Inbox, showcasing it in a separate workflow column. There are various methods to filter a Universal Inbox, however KINSHIP recommends associating rules to a queue and displaying this queue in a workflow column. Sprinklr queues allow users to automate searches and display relevant data for certain individuals / teams – reducing time wasted on finding relevant posts. This allows users to fully explore Sprinklr’s capability by extracting very specific information relevant to their use case. To ensure a clean user experience, Sprinklr can permission users to simultaneously view specific areas of the platform whilst blocking access to others.

The best way to think of a queue is like a folder on your desktop. By giving a queue a name, users are able to quickly identify what’s inside the queue, however the queue doesn’t have any inherent features that make it unique. A rule directs certain data to the queue and when a user associates a queue to a workflow column, the data inside the queue is displayed (think of it like permanently having a folder open on your desktop).

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