How digital strategy creates a connected brand

Building a connected and engaging brand in today’s marketplace where digital technology is seemingly everywhere can be a complicated process. It’s about more than a few posts to social media. Developing a digital marketing strategy that connects your brand with the target audience takes detailed, careful study of the marketplace that utilises the array of different channels and technology available.

How digital strategy creates a connected brand infographic

A vast digital marketing landscape

Today’s digital marketplace offers a wide range of ways to interact with potential customers, clients or donors. Social media channels, mobile websites and digital advertising campaigns can feed into the retail spaces, promotional events and even merge with traditional media outlets. Is advertising on digital the right choice for your brand? What about social media or blog posts? It’s crucial to know what your audience is reading and what they’re searching for on the Internet. Knowing the right keywords, the best websites and the most effective social media channels is crucial to implementing a winning digital strategy.


Keeping it fresh

Digital strategies must constantly be updated. The pace of change in technology can render your marketing plan obsolete seemingly overnight. New social media platforms can supplant older technology. Improving mobile technology opens new channels, if your content and execution is sharp enough to capitalise on it.


Know the audience

A key element of developing a digital strategy is careful study of the audience, particularly how it reacts to the content, message and execution of the plan. LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter all reach different audiences. Which is right for your brand? And what kind of content is your audience seeking.


Staying focused

This variation of possibilities offers promise, but also danger. Following along with the trends isn’t always the best plan for your brand. If you spread your content and your engagement in too many directions, it can become diluted and sap valuable time and resources from your strategy. Chasing a few prospects through the latest technology or social media channel can be a distraction that prevents you from developing a strong connection with your core targets.


Connecting with the audience

Branded content gives your company a unique opportunity to connect with your customer. Some marketing plans can include content that encourages participation from the very target customers your plan is trying to reach. There are many ways to create content that engages with your prospects. Here are some examples of what can work for your organisation:

  • Provide a tangible rewards: A first chance to buy an early release, a coupon, or better yet, a sales price, are all ways that a company can reward readers that interact with posts.
  • Utilise geolocation: Engaging can be especially effective if you can provide real-time benefits, like sales and promotions, to potential customers when they are near a storefront or retail outlet.
  • Pay close attention to the comments: Remarks on Facebook, especially complaints, can be used to hone in on what customers truly want from your brand.


Know what works

Content scoring is key element of our analytics, and is the basis for determining whether to generate more of the same content or to adjust with new, fresh content. The marketing professional at take into account where the content was published and the engagement level in each platform in which it was published.


Know what doesn’t

One way that an organisation’s marketing plan can find itself off course is by developing content that is too obviously self serving. A blog post about a product that merely touts the features and benefits may draw some interest. However, a blog post about a problem, with information about the product and how it addresses that problem, is likely to draw more clicks, reads, and shares. It takes informed planning, insightful writing, and skilled execution to develop content that connects with the target audience. KINSHIP is ready to help its clients discover what content that connects with its customers and avoid the content that doesn’t


Providing value

Above all, a digital strategy that creates a connected brand must provide value to the audience your organisation is trying to reach. That takes a team of marketing professionals with experience, vision, knowledge, and capability. KINSHIP helps companies and organisations create, distribute, and evaluate valuable content that connects with prospects, building a strong brand narrative that will grow its presence and produce long-lasting results.