Customer centricity through SAP Hybris

With customer or citizen data sitting in silos across any organisation, one of the biggest challenges businesses face today is bringing data from sources like CRM, historical transactions and web browsing together, to achieve a 360-degree view of a customer when they are engaging on owned channels like social media sites, websites, community sites, support sites or forums. This often causes friction and disruption when the customer/citizen journey moves into different parts of the organisation like sales, marketing or customer service.


“By the end of 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of Customer Experience” Gartner

KINSHIP digital believes that Sprinklr can play an important role as an enabler of or client’s journey to customer/citizen-centricity because Sprinklr is being built out as an integrated customer-first social platform. Leveraging the SAP Hybris investment or clients have already made.

The Sprinklr for SAP Hybris solution is designed to modernise and unify the front office by affording businesses/governments a single, contextual view of their customers/citizens while also giving each customer/citizen a consistent, personalised experience across all channels.