Integrating Social Media into SAP Hybris

Social media is a strong channel for marketers to understand customer intent. Brands, on average, receive 27,554 messages on social each day from customers. These customers may say they love your products, are in your store right now, or are looking for a specific piece of information from you.

By infusing Sprinklr’s social data across the customer journey with SAP hybris Marketing Data, brands can now leverage the power of:

  1. Unified customer profiles
  2. Targeted customer engagement
  3. Holistic performance data

SAP Hybris Sprinklr integration model

The resulting integrated e-commerce experience and 1:1 engagement drives  more revenue for your business and takes digital transformation to the next level.

Key Use SAP Social Media Cases:

Unified profile stitching

  • Merge SAP CRM data with Sprinklr Social CRM data to create a unified customer profile
  • Leverage Sprinklr’s Social CRM data: aggregated profile data, individual
  • preferences, and interaction activity across all social channels
  • Create a single, complete view of the customer across all channels

Real-time profile enrichment

  • Continuously enhance customer data to keep their profile current
  • Instantly and automatically update customer profile based on preset rules and conditions
  • Bi-directionally share latest profile updates

Targeted social engagement

  • Monitor and engage with customers across 17 social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Sina Weibo, and VK
  • Connect with your communities of influencers, advocates, and shoppers throughout their customer lifecycle
  • Leverage unified profile and automated workflows for personalised responses at scale

Optimisation of social campaigns and performance

  • Add social insights to your data arsenal — such as engagement rates per message, engagement rates per campaign, and which segments respond best to certain pieces of content
  • Combine Sprinklr analytics with hybris Marketing data for a holistic view of conversions, clicks, open rates, and interaction activity
  • Optimise future campaigns with real-time view into current performance