Why KINSHIP is built on data insights

Creating a connective and humanised brand is a cultural evolution that begins with Marketing and eventually creates engagement and connection across an organisation, from within the organisation, and radiating outward to customers and external stakeholders.

KINSHIP digital’s top priority is to develop a cohesive content and brand storytelling strategies for our clients that address their needs across of all levels of stakeholders.

Kinship is the web of social relationships that form an important part of human societies: connection.

Kinship is the the foundation of social relationships in human cultures; how human social groups are constructed – their patterns, meanings and obligations; and also why they are constructed at all.

To understand kinship, brands need to understand the patterns, the groups, the conversations, the people, and ultimately the data.

Activation of digital strategies are achieved through supporting data and methodologies that enable organisations to:

  • Establish and promote the right themes in the marketing-led content and employee stories;
  • Use the right digital media channels; and,
  • Focus on the right customers.

Why do we at KINSHIP digital believe data so important?

Data is now the “galvanizing idea” that once formed the anchor in most creative marketing programs, pitches, and campaigns has now been replaced with “what does the data say?”

Data is the core catalyst in the future of marketing

KINSHIP services infographic