Digital security

Social Media Risks

In seeking a social media enterprise platform solution there are a few key risks that need to be addressed.

KINSHIP digital‘s clients first and foremost concerned with increasing the security of social media workflows across their organisation. Basic functionality around content publishing, moderation and reporting are expected. More complex functionality designed to enhance social media workflows is also under consideration.

Risks our clients face today:

  1. Multiple individuals have admin level access to social media pages.
  2. Access management is in multiple places (each separate social network), making ads, moves, and changes difficult and error prone.
  3. No ability to enforce review and approve messages before posting.
  4. Poor or non-existent auditing ability to maintain accountability.
  5. Little to no automated scheduling.

Potential brand reputation exposure as a result of these risks:

  • An individual with Admin Level Access can have their social media network account breached – exposing the brand to an external account take over. A platform will reduce this Risk by providing prompt notification of such issues.
  • Un-reviewed posts containing false, misleading or mistaken information can damage the brand reputation.
  • The lack of an audit trail can make it impossible for the brand to determine who made or approved posts. This makes it impossible for Management to reduce future risks of brand damage.
  • A disgruntled (ex) employee or agency with Admin Level Access can damage the brand reputation with disparaging posts.

With security is the foremost concern of our clients; KINSHIP digital has defined the approach these risks with multiple layers of defence for the Brand’s reputation: Governance, Approval Workflow, Rules, and System Security. Further blogs to follow on each of these topics.