Custome centric

Crossing the Chasm to Client Centricity

KINSHIP digital believes that Sprinklr can play an important role as an enabler of our client’s digital transformation journey to customer/citizen-centricity because Sprinklr is being built out as an integrated customer-first social platform.


While trust in traditional media is declining, trust in social media is increasing. In addition, people trust information and official corporate channels less, while trusting employees more.

Of course empowering employees in social is not simple, and potentially a longer-term proposition for our clients. However the vision, which is supported by Sprinklr, is one of creating a customer-first strategy building a tribe of passionate brand advocates.

By having Sprinklr installed as the product of choice for the current stage of social media engagement and content marketing our clients will have a stable platform upon which it can confidently grow to reach whatever degree of employee and brand advocacy it desires.


The skills developed in using the core modules of Sprinklr can be progressively applied to extend the reach and advocacy of employees, partners, distributors and even clients, all In a measured, governed, auditable environment.

Furthermore, the analytics capabilities and support will ensure that a data-driven strategy can be delivered, and that the actions taken in terms of investment in content and advocacy have measured outcomes.

The most fundamental requirement in moving towards customer-centricity in digital is to be able to collate and compare data in order to improve decision-making and investments. There are a large number of moving parts and marketing groups are becoming overwhelmed with the tasks of integrating and matching the multiple sources and drawing optimal conclusions for further action.

Therefore, it makes sense to use a small number of integrated digital platforms rather than many point solutions. In social, Sprinklr’s vision is to be the integrated platform of choice, to enable customer-first engagement. KINSHIP enables the vision of citizen/customer-centricity for our clients.