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What is Customer-First Digital Transformation really?

Today our mutual customers are in control of their interactions with the market, our employees, and our products/services. Engaging, growing, influencing, winning, and retaining customers requires a concerted effort across the entire organisation, with profitability, ROI, and customer satisfaction as key measurements of progress.

Business, organizations, and even entire industries are undergoing massive change due to global digital transformation. In the “Age of the Customer,” in which technology and economic forces have put customers in control of their interactions with businesses, companies are actively working to transform their organisation, processes, and technology in pursuit of a more effective digital business and a more satisfying customer experience. While companies have made good progress, especially over the last five years, they still have a lot of room for continued development of their digital capabilities. Accenture

I’d like to offer a clarification and definition of Customer-First Digital Transformation:

  • Digital: more than just screens, clicks, or channels, digital is a way of thinking and doing business that is always-on, real-time, one-to-one, responsive, inventive, and innovative.Image
  • Customer-First: a way of doing business that prioritises serving your customers over everything else.
  • Transformation: every Australian enterprise is on their own Digital Transformation journey— there are three key pillars organisations must achieve. They must move from Brand-Centric to Customer-First, from Analog to Digital, and from Transactions to Engagement.

What is your definition of Customer-First Digital Transformation?