Why data is the core component of a brand narrative

Developing a brand narrative is a critical to building a powerful advertising and online marketing plan. But what precisely is a brand narrative? The brand narrative is simply the story of your brand, whether it’s tales of how well the product works, profiles of talented employees or discussion of the organisation’s mission.

Your brand as a story

There are many aspects to the storytelling behind a brand narrative. In some regards, the brand narrative may reflect on recent changes in the marketplace, or world in general, and how the brand helps prospects meet these new challenges. By reflecting on these issues, storytelling can help establish the brand as a leader in thought and action.

Data boosts brand narrative

Data is at the core of establishing a brand narrative because of it’s importance in evaluating and guiding content creation, distribution channels, and marketing campaigns. There are several ways to measure how content performs as part of an overall marketing plan. By closely tracking customer reaction to marketing campaigns, KINSHIP’s analysts can spot trends, gain insight and make important discoveries about how to sell a product, idea or concept.

Key data points can include:

  • Engagement metrics
  • Clicks
  • Page views
  • Downloads
  • Sales
  • Community growth
  • Behaviour change
  • Brand sentiment and awarenessCourse correction infographic

Tracking your content’s “buzz”

Generating “buzz” is the best result that marketing can achieve, with its free word-of-mouth advertising that is authentic and engaging. But engagement is not enough. If that buzz doesn’t create an increase of sales or revenue, the time and efforts to create this compelling content is lost. And the best way to know if the content is working is to carefully track how it performs by carefully scoring each article, blog, social media post, advertisment, or press release. Here are some key ways that KINSHIP tracks its clients’ content scoring:

  • PESO scoring – Paid, earned, shared, and owned advertising and content is the foundation of a marketing plan. Tracking its performance is vital.
  • Engagement – Determine which visitors to your site or social media platform are engaged (or unengaged) and from there, develop sales leads and make conversions.
  • Content evaluation – Tracking the message, tone, and performance of content, as well as taking into account how the content was published, helps marketers adjust to the marketplace of ideas, ensuring the brand’s best performance.
  • Competitor monitoring – Scoring competitor activity gives a comparative view of the business strategy, potentially revealing new opportunities or highlighting issues that require additional focus.

Understanding PESO scoring

Paid, earned, shared, and owned (PESO) content encompasses most of the efforts of the marketing plan. Knowing how these different channels reach potential customers can help guide content creation that works for your organisation. Here’s more about these different customer outreach channels:

  • Paid: This is content that is paid for, like advertising on websites or through search engine results. While it’s easier to place this content, since it’s purchased, it’s also crucial to properly manage and monitor these campaigns to ensure that it’s yielding the best return on investment.
  • Earned: In many regards, this is the most sought after marketing exposure available. This content is “earned” because it’s the result of influence marketing content. An example would be the
  • Shared: This is where marketing meets social media. Following key industry influencers, sharing relevant content, and staying on top of trends all help build a network that will expand the reach of the branded narrative and establish the organisation as an authority.
  • Owned: This is the company blog, the organisation’s website, press releases, the whitepaper available for download or any other content that is created and distributed by the organisation. It can be the easiest content to create, though it’s often the toughest to get noticed.

Course correction

Through KINSHIP ‘s content scoring programme clients will have a firm grasp on the key elements of their organisation’s marketing, advertising or outreach efforts. By understanding what content is successful, and what isn’t, KINSHIP professionals can adjust the plan to carefully target the right audience with the right message and drive better results. Our team of writers, web designers, and social media experts are ready to create content marketing that creates a compelling narrative that advances your organisation’s brand.