Data Insights Digital Transformation

Citizen first Digital Transformation through data insights

For KINSHIP, data insights underlie the opportunity to humanise government and brands through relevant storytelling in relevant places for relevant audiences.

It is by using rich, impactful storytelling that governments and brands can create a compelling connection with their audience, and hence form a kinship.

A data-driven strategy not only lays out kinship touch-points across the citizen journey, but also looks outside of marketing and communications for sources of stories — areas like customer service, sales, product development, technical support, human resources, and customers themselves.

The linking of data with content creation and performance, and employees and citizens with government storytelling, is the future of citizen engagement.

Australian government is first and foremost concerned with increasing the security of social media workflows across the organisation. Basic functionality around content publishing, moderation and reporting are expected. More complex functionality designed to enhance social media workflows is also under consideration.

KINSHIP digital leverages our current knowledge of the social media and security needs of Australian Government to scope and price a Sprinklr solution as an integrated platform, which we believe will:

  • Provide a secure and enterprise grade social media platform;
  • Introduce collaborative content curation;
  • Provide effective content asset management;
  • Offer new planning and campaign management functionality;
  • Allow much more detailed content performance and competitor analysis, underlying a data-driven content strategy;
  • Be extendible into citizen/customer care;
  • Fully support a citizen-centric transformation strategy;
  • Support social media listening;
  • Interface with current software assets; and,
  • Provide best-in-class governance and auditing.

Citizen first Digital Transformation model from Sprinklr
Most importantly KINSHIP digital believes that Spinklr can play an important role as an enabler of Australian Government’s journey to citizen-centricity because Spinklr is being built out as an integrated citizen-first social platform.

“When governments deliver services based on the needs of the people they serve, they can increase public satisfaction and reduce costs”  McKinsey