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Performing Online Conversation Research with Sysomos MAP

Sysomos MAP may just be the most powerful platform on the market. With an unlimited number of searches that you can perform and the ability to look back up to 2 years, it is truly one of a kind.

Social media analysis different to monitoring

The use of social media monitoring software is widespread and well understood. What we find is often not so well understood is the power of post-event analysis of social media conversations. This kind of analysis can provide tremendous insights into markets, products, people, the flow of events and how perceptions are shaped.

Sysomos MAP provides powerful social data analytics tracking back over any timeframe up to 2 years for most social media data and up to 13 months for Twitter data. This allows you to find mentions across all different sources and websites on any topic, on your brand, on your competition or on your campaign then delve into the analytics and learn about what people are saying.

In addition to the stream of mentions the tool will also allow you to filter by location, language or other demographics. Look into analytics including Word Clouds, Buzzgraphs, Top Influencers and Key Conversations to find a focus group using the data in real time and find who is driving the conversation.

Image of the top influencers in Sysomos MAP

Significantly MAP includes powerful data science which can be used to provide insights into how communities form and interact and who are the key influencers on specific topics across different communities.

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Case Studies

Cactus, a full-service marketing agency, used MAP, powered
by Sysomos, to find ways for Jackson Hole’s businesses to create a strong brand and set revenue records… read case study (pdf – right click to download).