How to Monitor your Brand with Sysomos Heartbeat

Social media monitoring basics – monitoring brand mentions and receiving alerts.

Trend and sentiment monitoring

Sysomos Heartbeat monitors the most popular social media networks, blogs, forums and news websites to give you an real-time view of what is being said online about your brand, company, competitors and key topics. It provides easy to use access to analytics and trends to find what the key topics are and the sentiment regarding your monitoring targets.

Heartbeat operates as a real-time monitoring service, and therefore will continue to identify relevant mentions in an ongoing matter. By using further tagging and filtering you can analyse and report on the trends whether positive, negative, globally or locally throughout social media and online news sites.

With this continuous flow of data coming in the key issue is how to manage it without being glued to the screen. Heartbeat solves this by having a flexible set of unlimited automatic email subscriptions. With the option of setting up “as-it-happens”, daily or weekly emails, these can be sent to different individuals or teams within your organisation for different purposes.

By filtering on different topics, sources, geographies and sentiment the incoming stream of interest can be highly selective and email alerts can be set up for these very specific requirements e.g. for every time someone in Sydney negatively mentions a competitor on Twitter.

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