KINSHIP is the web of social relationships that form an important part of human societies: connection.

KINSHIP refers to the foundation of social relationships in human cultures; how human social groups are constructed – their patterns, meanings and obligations; and also why they are constructed at all.

To understand KINSHIP, brands need to understand the patterns, the groups, the conversations, the people, and ultimately the data.

Why is data so important?

Data is now so important because the galvanising idea that once formed the anchor in most creative marketing programs, pitches, and campaigns has now been replaced with what does the data say?

Data is the core catalyst in the future of marketing

The future of marketing is in connecting with people based upon data-insights about what themes and issues they find important. It is about crafting stories and content to be shared by employees, and ultimately about enabling stories from customers and employees to be captured and shared.

For us, data insights underlie the opportunity to humanise brands through relevant storytelling in relevant places for relevant audiences.

It is by using rich, impactful storytelling that brands can create a compelling connection with their audience, and hence form a Kinship.

A data-driven strategy not only lays out Kinship touch-points across the customer journey, but also looks outside of marketing and communications for sources of stories – areas like customer service, sales, product development, technical support, human resources, and customers themselves.

The linking of data with content creation and performance, and employees and customers with brand storytelling, is the future of marketing.

We believe data is the core catalyst of digital marketing ROI.

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