Integrating Social Media into SAP Hybris

Social media is a strong channel for marketers to understand customer intent. Brands, on average, receive 27,554 messages on social each day from customers. These customers may say they love your products, are in your store right now, or are looking for a specific piece of information from you.
Custome centric

Crossing the Chasm to Client Centricity

KINSHIP digital believes that Sprinklr can play an important role as an enabler of our client’s digital transformation journey to customer/citizen-centricity because Sprinklr is being built out as an integrated customer-first social platform.
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Why data is the core component of a brand narrative

Developing a brand narrative is a critical to building a powerful advertising and online marketing plan. But what precisely is a brand narrative? The brand narrative is simply the story of your brand, whether it’s tales of how well the product works, profiles of talented employees or discussion of the organisation’s mission.