InsideView is a US based company who, since 2005, deliver up-to-theminute sales contact and intelligence they glean from social media and traditional editorial sources. In fact, KINSHIP digital recommends and distributes InsideView’s social selling/intelligence solution – SalesView. KINSHIP digital was delighted to be asked to assist Koka Sexton, InsideView’s Social Media Strategist, in overcoming some key social intelligence challenges of their own.


InsideView were already using a monitoring solution, however they were questioning the value it delivered to the business. When KINSHIP digital interviewed InsideView, they realised that InsideView required greater flexibility in their intelligence gathering capability than their current tool offered, as well as the ability to understand influencers, monitor their share of voice, gather competitive insights and measure customer support in real time. Until their dealings with KINSHIP digital, InsideView had not realised they could achieve all of this with one easy-to-manage tool. All meetings and product demonstrations were held online via Skype and email due to the geographic divide.