hyperREMIT case study


hyperREMIT is a start-up business with a disruptive business model. Based in Toronto, Canada and a subsidiary of “hyperWallet”, the company set out to change the way that remittances are transacted. The idea is to provide this service as a pure online service, with no storefronts like traditional businesses such as “Western Union” or “MoneyGram”. hyperREMIT also introduced innovative delivery services such as remittances being credited to the recipients credit card or cell phone. Their online business model translates into lower cost services, which means that customers can get more money to their destination, faster. This includes foreign workers getting more funds to their families. hyperREMIT had a website and also a small social presence on Facebook and Twitter that was not being used.


hyperREMIT identified a large number of Filipinos living and working in Canada who remitted funds to their home towns. In fact, this group was identified as one of the largest group of foreign exchangers in the country. hyperREMIT needed to position its service in relation to more traditional remittance organisations, ensuring it connected with its target audience on a more emotional or value-based level rather than merely on a functional level. hyerREMIT then had to find the best method with which to communicate with the Filipino community in Canada, and show them how to register online for a remittance service.