Energy Storage System Supplier


Client is a small enterprise selling solar energy storage equipment. The parent company is a distributor of solar panels and solar equipment, trading purely business to business. Client assembles components from ‘best of breed’ suppliers to make various categories of solar energy storage systems. At the time of engaging KINSHIP digital, Client was very close to launch, with a first year revenue target of $20 million. It had a website to be launched within seven days, and no social media strategy or presence.


Client had four primary goals for engaging KINSHIP digital:

  • To drive brand recognition of the Client brand and solar energy storage among consumers.
  • To drive consumers to the website, so as to understand enough about Client’s products to subsequently request those products from their service provider (local electrician).
  • To enrol more service providers in the Client’s Approved Installer certification and support program; as more industry members would increase the value of the Client’s business.
  • To make Client the most attractive partner for all new solar energy storage product suppliers entering the Australian market.