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Becoming Customer-Centric - The Evolution of Content Marketing

Brands are in a revolution and fighting on several fronts - to stay relevant, to beat off the digital disruptors as in #FinTech, and to be able to truly know how to move beyond the mantra of becoming customer-centric to being able to make it happen. A key element of that move is in having integrated digital platforms and a component of it is in being able to effectively deploy content via a social workforce.
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Sentiment Trends Around Malcolm Turnbull

Australia's current Prime Minister started his term, following a leadership coup, with an immediate jump in popular approval ratings. Coming up to 3 months in office the public view has become more sanguine as party politics grind down the expectations.

How to Monitor your Brand with Sysomos Heartbeat

Sysomos Heartbeat monitors the most popular social media networks, blogs, forums and news websites to give you an real-time view of what is being said online about your brand, company, competitors and key topics. It provides easy to use access to analytics and trends to find what the key topics are and the sentiment regarding your monitoring targets.
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Online Reputation Management by Brand Image Recognition - Sysomos Gaze

While Online Reputation Monitoring is well established in textual social channels the missing link - and it's a big one - has been the ability to monitor images for brand occurrences. Through a sophisticated process of digital brand decomposition and reconstruction this ability is now available - to monitor all brand occurrences within images.

Why Twitter Has Overtaken Linkedin As The Sales Social Network Of Choice

The article in Forbes captured my attention - "Twitter Overtakes LinkedIn As Number 1 Social Media Site For Salespeople" by Mark Fidelman. It does strike you at first as a little implausible and probably a headline with more bite than the article. But the headline is backed up with a sales survey and a bunch of commentary. I think what is is really saying boils down to one thing - humanity.

What is Social Data Analytics?

Social data is usually big data, because we're talking about masses of data collected from social media. However it's not big data that makes social analytics distinctive, rather it is the ability to derive required insights from such unstructured data. In short: it's not just about the amount of data you have. It's about understanding what that data is trying to tell you - and revealing non-obvious factors which influence that understanding.