How digital strategy creates a connected brand

Building a connected and engaging brand in today’s marketplace where digital technology is seemingly everywhere can be a complicated process. It’s about more than a few posts to social media. Developing a digital marketing strategy that connects your brand with the target audience takes detailed, careful study of the marketplace that utilises the array of different channels and technology available.

Customer centricity through SAP Hybris

With customer or citizen data sitting in silos across any organisation, one of the biggest challenges businesses face today is bringing data from sources like CRM, historical transactions and web browsing together, to achieve a 360-degree view of a customer when they are engaging on owned channels like social media sites, websites, community sites, support sites or forums.

More data doesn’t mean better data

Customer experience today is different because you engage across so many touch points - both online and offline. The proliferation of channels – Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, WeChat … and services – Website, Mobile Apps, Email, Ecommerce, Retail POS.
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How To Get The Most From Facebook Topic Data

One of the two* most common questions we encounter with clients and prospective clients is about Facebook, specifically what data is actually available for searching and monitoring, and from whom? That's because all social media monitoring platforms have revealed, perhaps reluctantly, that useful specific data which was previously available has gone. Users are in a state of slight confusion, but in fact what has gone is quite small and what is "left" now is quite useful.
ABS 2016 Census Twitter Sentiment Summary

ABS Census Bot Fuels Fire of #censusfail Storm

Ideas have their moment in time, before which they fall to the floor unheard, but when the moment comes they resonate and engulf the unwary. Privacy has found its moment on the eve of the Australian Census 2016. It's a firestorm and the use of a Twitter bot has helped fuel the flames of discontent.

Integrating Social Media into SAP Hybris

Social media is a strong channel for marketers to understand customer intent. Brands, on average, receive 27,554 messages on social each day from customers. These customers may say they love your products, are in your store right now, or are looking for a specific piece of information from you.

KINSHIP joins the DTO

KINSHIP digital has been appointed to Digital Service Professionals Panel managed by Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Digital Transformation Office. The Digital Marketplace is an initiative under the National Innovation and Science Agenda and is being delivered by the Digital Transformation Office (DTO).
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Why KINSHIP is built on data insights

Creating a connective and humanised brand is a cultural evolution that begins with Marketing and eventually creates engagement and connection across an organisation, from within the organisation, and radiating outward to customers and external stakeholders. KINSHIP digital’s top priority is to develop a cohesive content and brand storytelling strategies for our clients that address their needs across of all levels of stakeholders.