The fundamental enabler of a customer-first digital transformation

The most fundamental requirement in moving towards customer-centricity in digital is to be able to collate and compare data in order to improve decision-making and investments. There are a large number of moving parts and marketing groups are becoming overwhelmed with the tasks of integrating and matching the multiple sources and drawing optimal conclusions for further action.
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Why Twitter Location Filtering Is Not The Answer You Think It Is

It's always exciting to see a smart new social media monitoring product with jazzy new visuals and clever ideas like WYSIWYG geofencing. But just like many data visualisations the buzz might be a lot greater than the substance. The purpose for which you intend to use these features, and the details, will determine their true business value. In the case of Twitter geo-filtering the value is often misunderstood. One of the most common 2 questions* we get asked is about Twitter geofiltering and geofencing.
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Captain Mona Shindy Twitter Shut Down - who's at fault?

Recently, on 3rd December 2015*, the Twitter handle of Australian Navy Captain Mona Shindy was shutdown as Defence work towards a "synchronised social media communications strategy". Clearly from her Twitter profile she had positioned herself an "official advisor" on Islamic issues.
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What Social Says About The 2016 Budget Compared to 2015

The Australian Federal Government announced the 2016 / 2017 Budget two days ago on Tuesday May 3 on the cusp of a Federal Election. That being the case - the imminent election - the feedback in social media has more importance this year than last year. We researched the reaction and found some significant differences.
Digital security

Social Media Risks

KINSHIP digital's clients first and foremost concerned with increasing the security of social media workflows and minimising social media risk.
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Four Australian Banks - Four Social Media Infrastructures

Brand storytelling is what drives content, and it’s more than just the copy on your web site, an app, an ad, a tweet or a Facebook status update. To be effective a brand must be supported by an infrastructure that has the right teams, structures, editorial workflows and technology solutions deployed to drive organisational change.
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Social Sales, ANZ and Apple Pay - Seizing The Moment

When ANZ Bank took the other local banks by surprise and launched Apple Pay last Thursday social media exploded, and it was not good news for the other banks with ANZ resourced and ready to poach disenchanted customers from the others. The launch of Apple Pay was an event carefully planned and resourced in social media by ANZ, even to the point of the CEO being filmed using Apple Pay for Twitter and the issue of a Twitter recap on Friday.
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Crossing the Chasm to Client Centricity

KINSHIP digital believes that Sprinklr can play an important role as an enabler of our client’s digital transformation journey to customer/citizen-centricity because Sprinklr is being built out as an integrated customer-first social platform.