What is Social Data Analytics?

Social data is usually big data, because we're talking about masses of data collected from social media. However it's not big data that makes social analytics distinctive, rather it is the ability to derive required insights from such unstructured data. In short: it's not just about the amount of data you have. It's about understanding what that data is trying to tell you - and revealing non-obvious factors which influence that understanding.
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Maturity Levels in Social Media Monitoring

Typically customers fall into three broad buckets of maturity in their interest and use of social media monitoring tools. This maturity starts with (1) measuring activity, moves through (2) context analysis and then on to (3) Influencer identification.
Twitter Spam Accounts

How Data Science Identifies and Eliminates Spam Networks

If you are active on Twitter you will have experienced being followed by spam accounts. These vast networks of spammers also appear when undertaking social data analysis (as we do as a core part of our business). In the search for who is influencing whom, for the key topics of conversation, and for who is connected to whom, the large spam networks pollute and distort the results. Applying data science allows us to eliminate their influence.
BIDV launches 1st social media command centre

Congratulations BIDV Launching 1st Social Media Command Centre in Vietnam

At KINSHIP we are excited and proud to see our client and friends at the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) yesterday officially launch the first Social Media Command Centre in Vietnam. This was a great achievement by the BIDV SMCC Project Team as they not only developed and implemented a whole new content strategy for the bank and implemented complex locally-developed monitoring software but they also designed and project managed the physical SMCC construction and fit-out, and developed a fantastic promotional launch video (see below). All this in about 10 weeks!