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Social Sales, ANZ and Apple Pay – Seizing The Moment

When ANZ Bank took the other local banks by surprise and launched Apple Pay last Thursday social media exploded, and it was not good news for the other banks with ANZ resourced and ready to poach disenchanted customers from the others. The launch of Apple Pay was an event carefully planned and resourced in social media by ANZ, even to the point of the CEO being filmed using Apple Pay for Twitter and the issue of a Twitter recap on Friday.

How did Melbourne Fashion Week lose its mojo? #msfw

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has been a big success in social media, particularly in 2015, and a showcase for IBM and its IBM Studio & Interactive Experience talents and platforms. Surprisingly, the current 2016 event has fallen short of social media expectations. Our research shows that a different role for images (and Instagram) may have […]

Why customer behaviour should drive your audience segmentation

It is becoming both more important and more possible to segment audiences into not just demographic personas but also behavioural personas. Action and reaction It’s a infrequently made connection that the phrase “be careful what you wish for” is a guiding principle of effective deployment of predictive analysis. The reason is as follows: you may […]

Marketing agility at scale

Marketing, sales and customer service are becoming blurred as customers navigate digitised journeys and expect consistency and reponsiveness across all touchpoints. This requires marketing agility, at scale. Agility requires data, action and revision Agile, in a marketing context, means using data and analytics to continuously source promising opportunities or solutions to problems in real time, […]

Hootsuite – When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Hootsuite is an entrepreneurial success story, said to now have about 10 million users and 800 companies in the Fortune 1000 being customers. It’s a good product and a very useful social media management tool. We’ve used it extensively ourselves. Nevertheless, there is a point in the journey towards digital marketing maturity when it is […]

10 Reasons to No Longer Buy Social Media Monitoring

Back in the day social media monitoring was an interesting stand-alone value-add. Initially we sold monitoring both as a product and a service to clients who were happy and satisfied with volumetrics about their brand, company, clients and competitors. A satisfying past – leading to clients wanting more Later, they were equally satisfied to gain […]