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Are you unwittingly heading your company into a Cambridge Analytica data privacy Armageddon?

Providing enterprise-value social media listening and insights is expensive for vendors of such products. Some cut corners, in the pursuit of lower costs, by resorting to “alternative” methods of social data acquisition. If your company uses such products, and you use this data, you have nowhere to hide should this be exposed. You have more […]

Effective customer experience requires integrated data-driven social strategies

There is no doubt that the biggest trend that we are seeing among our customers and prospects is the desire to manage social media more effectively. This means more efficiently and effectively internally, and more effectively in being able to build audiences and target customers with the more relevant information which enhances the customer experience. […]

Ending disjointed social data and disparate processes – enterprise social platforms

Software continues to evolve from point solutions into integrated suites. From the early days of SAP or Oracle or Salesforce they have acquired and extended their reach into further and further corners of their original domain whether that be CRM or ERP for example. They now offer integrated suites, or platforms. Social software is inevitably […]