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[Reprint] Data Reveals Over 150,000 Australians Circumvented A Victorian Suppression Order Last Week

[Reprinted with permission of Which-50] Hundreds of thousands of Australians are circumventing a suppression order issued by the Victorian County Court in a high-profile criminal case. Thousands more Australians appear to be directly in breach of the order, according to an analysis of web and social media data conducted by Which-50. The order was issued […]

How next-gen Customer Experience will be driven by AI and Digital Transformation

We’re moving into a more holistic digital transformation era, which requires the threads of data, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to be strung together. And all these threads need to be focused on delivering a transformative customer experience which attracts, converts and retains customers. Current “digital transformation” is at the edge “Digital transformation” initiatives at […]

How To Get Social Insights Across The Enterprise

Right now the biggest demand from executives responsible for customer insights is how to collect social data and embed that social data in decision making across the enterprise. How do we enhance customer support with social insights embedded into customer data? How do we design and implement better customer experiences using embedded customer social insights? […]

Are you unwittingly heading your company into a Cambridge Analytica data privacy Armageddon?

Providing enterprise-value social media listening and insights is expensive for vendors of such products. Some cut corners, in the pursuit of lower costs, by resorting to “alternative” methods of social data acquisition. If your company uses such products, and you use this data, you have nowhere to hide should this be exposed. You have more […]