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How digital asset management improves team efficiency

Digital asset management is a key discipline for all enterprises and content marketers. Surprisingly, it is often still enabled by disparate technologies and unintegrated processes. Integration is the key Digital asset management is all about the control, flexibility, portability, access, and reporting of digital assets between organisations, customers, partners, and suppliers. It is concerned with […]

How to Build an Effective Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Although integrating marketing communications requires some up-front effort, it delivers many benefits. It helps to create competitive advantage, boost sales, strengthen relationships while simultaneously saving time, money and stress. Conversely, un-integrated communications send disjointed messages which dilute the impact of the message and brand. This may also confuse, frustrate and arouse anxiety in customers. Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications […]

How Chatbots Can Help Your Business in 2019

In 2019, chatbots (or AI Assistants) have now passed through the “peak of inflated expectations” and are starting to become truly productive for business. Given that there are now many effective options then we need a framework to help decide on the most appropriate solutions. Types of chatbots “Chatbots” come in two main types – […]

How To Propel Your Brand with Stories and UGC

Although “traditional” formats on social media have seen declining rates of User Generated Content (UGC), the Story format has taken off. This is presenting fantastic new opportunities for brands prepared to invest and take the risk. Story: an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment. Stories eat the post timeline The […]

How To Get Analytics Insights You Need to Improve Instagram Stories Engagement

Stories have become wildly popular on Instagram, and the amount of people publishing stories has eclipsed Snapchat’s entire userbase. The question is, what analytics are available to help you understand how your Stories are performing, and how to improve engagement? Getting on to Instagram for business Instagram is the fastest-growing social network, with over 1 […]

[Reprint] Data Reveals Over 150,000 Australians Circumvented A Victorian Suppression Order Last Week

[Reprinted with permission of Which-50] Hundreds of thousands of Australians are circumventing a suppression order issued by the Victorian County Court in a high-profile criminal case. Thousands more Australians appear to be directly in breach of the order, according to an analysis of web and social media data conducted by Which-50. The order was issued […]