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Overcoming The Extra Hurdles For Women In Business

Research by consultants such as McKinsey & Company provides strong empirical support for the commercial proposition behind diversity – businesses with more diverse leadership teams make more money. There is a simple reason for this. To solve problems with the best and most sustainable solutions it helps to have as wide a range of talent […]

Maturity Levels Are Improving As Social Starts To Drive Customer Care

Companies are getting better at using technology holistically to understand and improve the experiences of their customers, says Caitlin Green, CEO of KINSHIP digital — an implementation partner of CX platform Sprinklr. “You can see the level of maturity increasing. It is now more common to see multidisciplinary teams being brought together to solve customer […]

Artificial Intelligence will be the future of programmatic but there will still be an importance on design-based thinking

Design thinking is human-centred and prototype-driven. In the context of advertising, this approach aims to integrate the needs of our target audiences, the possibilities of technology, and this spurs creativity and innovation. It revolves around a deep interest in developing an understanding of the people for whom you are designing for and to develop empathy […]