As The World Responds To Covid-19, We Support You

As the world responds to Covid-19, we all find ourselves in unchartered territory. There is no doubt that we face difficulty ahead as we wait for the latest update and try to plan for what may come. But it’s how we face this and how we transform it into a positive. Amongst the chaos we need a state of normalcy to feel safe, secure and reassured. Right now, this is what KINSHIP can control and provide our clients.

KINSHIP digital provides business continuity and support

During this crisis, our number one priority is to maintain business service continuity for our customers and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees. The crux of our plans follows and complies with the directives of the medical and health guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as local Australian health authorities. 

  • Our approach will be to continuously engage our customers with regular updates and guidance in the support of your business continuity requirements.
  • Our employees are equipped to work remotely and to continue serving our customers.
  • Our leadership is monitoring and defining appropriate responses and be prepared for any outcomes from a rapidly evolving situation for our people, operations and the delivery of our services to customers.

During this challenge, we remain resolute in our commitment to the delivery of the highest quality customer service and the well- being of our employees. We are here to support you and your business activity in this difficult period.

Be kind to yourself. Breathe.

Mental Health is something that’s very close to my heart, so I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be kind to yourself and to others. Australians have experienced a lot over the last 6 months between bushfires, storms and floods to now, Covid-19. This is a once in a 100-year event which brings with it so much uncertainty around everything we once took for granted: childcare, schooling, work, finances, mortgages, health, food supplies etc. None of us are immune to this stress so it’s imperative that we allow some time for self-care and to breathe. Whether it’s taking time out to read a book, take a walk, meditate, take a long bath or call a friend or loved one. Do something for you and only you each day because you can’t look after others before you look after yourself.  

It’s time to come together

Several months ago, my eyes welled up with pride reading amazing stories of people all around the world banding together to support fire-stricken communities in Australia. Whether it was loading up the back of a truck with food and water supplies to young kids raising money at a self-made lemonade stand. Wherever I looked there was love, kindness and support.

I ask you to please be considerate of others during this time. You will be surprised how even a phone call to check in on someone can make the world of difference to their day. Next time you go shopping or do an online shop check with your elderly neighbour if they need anything. Next time you’re in a grocery store and pick up that last packet of toilet paper or pasta have a look around and see if there is someone else that needs it more.

For now, as a business leader, a colleague, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an acquaintance – I am with you and I am here for you. Let’s band together and support each other.

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