Tips & Tricks for Repurposing Content

Creating new content costs time and money. What you might not realise is that you’ve already done the leg work and the content you need is right in front of you, just maybe not in the right format. In this blog we will provide you with 7 tips and tricks on how to repurpose your existing content.

Use different formats

Take existing blog content and where applicable turn it into a 2-minute video or infographic (just as we have done here!).

Refresh old social media posts

Review recent social media posts that have received the most engagements and build on it by resharing the post with additional information. For example, if you posted findings from a recent study you created, reshare the post with additional statistics from the study to build momentum and tell a story.

Repurpose videos

Video content can be repurposed into written content including:

  • Blog content
  • Podcasts
  • LinkedIn Pulse posts
  • Infographic

This is effective for longer videos where people might not have time to watch the video again (if at all) or want a high-level overview of the content.

Break content down

Large content like eBooks are great for promoting over time rather than all at once. For example, if you have a 5-chapter eBook, promote 1 chapter per month to build suspense and extend the life of your content.

Use old speeches and presentations to form the foundation of new online content

Researching and writing a speech takes time. The content needs to be compelling enough to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged otherwise what’s the point? So, don’t waste the content by only sharing it once. For example, if you have a subject matter expert presenting at an upcoming tradeshow, film it (with their permission of course) and use it as content for your YouTube channel or website. You may even decide to pick out the key content from the presentation and write about it in a blog.

Use raw content

Use raw data and statistics that you’ve gathered to create a story and give it new life. Do you have interesting statistics on your client’s buyer behaviour that would make into a good blog post? Or perhaps you’ve noticed trends in the market based on recent developments? This is a great opportunity to post about it on social media and see if others have observed these trends too and start a discussion.   

Repurpose research studies

Research reports are great for breaking down into smaller pieces of content. Statistics from a research report can be presented as an infographic, discussed in a blog post, used in by-line articles or used in an upcoming client presentation.

The opportunities for repurposing content are endless. You must remember this is not a burn and churn exercise (as too much of anything is never good) but more on how existing content can be reused for different platforms for different audiences. Afterall, you’ve done the hard work creating the content, there’s no point reinventing the wheel.

To learn more about how you can get the most out of your marketing content, contact us today!

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